Nürburgring Drift Cup Round 1

NDC Round 1 is over, and it was an incredible experience. Driving with the support of GT-Radial Drift Team is just something else – the guys were super nice and helpful, the chemistry feels absolutely right. Even when the S14′s transmission exploded just before Qualifying and we swapped a new gearbox in minutes before having to go to the start line for Qualifying. So many thanks to the team, can’t wait for Round 2!!

The actual race was cancelled after Qualifications unfortunately – due to a massive thunderstorm. Thus, the qualification results seen in the video were used as the final scores.

Qualfying 9th with a 81point first qualifying run was OK, but more might’ve been possible in the battles. Hoping for the battles in NDC Round 2 in May 2016.

Watching paint dry

After a few years of achieving absolutely nothing, except for having a blast each track we went to – there’s some changes for 2016.

Check out GT-Radial Drift Team since one driver will be competing one more time at the Nürburgring Drift Cup.
There will be a Live-Stream provided by Format67.net.

Also, be sure to check out Unicorn Factory – a new team from the area of Zurich ready to rip up some asphalt in 2016.

Finally, there will soon be some news of a BMW being prepped for some of the good ol’ drift madness.

So basically, everyone started doing their own shit for the moment. Excellent.
We’ll try to keep the ZHD page updated for sure (promise broken for the 14325th time) , as there are still a few mad events planned which will be just like old times.

PS: I hear theres two more guys preparing a 7MGTE supra powered BMW nearby… Might see more from them as well.

The Penniless Optimists

As promised, here’s the ZHD video from the happenings at Drift United Round 3 in Obermehler, Germany. Be ready for a much more mental video from the upcoming Anneau du Rhin drift event on the 26th of September coming your way soon! Until then, this is all you get.

No horses were murdered during the making of this video.


Sorry for the lack of updates, will try to update the page more often again.

We’ve had a blast at Drift United Round 3 in Obermehler, with one of our drivers actually taking the 1st place victory on the spot! Congratulations goes to C.M… His magical brother T.M. also got a respectable 5th place. Our own video from this event will be coming very soon. In the meantime, here’s some albums and aa video of the happenings at this event:

Pictures by DRIFTthatSHIT

Pictures by Track-Maniax

Video by Track-Maniax 

Next up, we will be drifting again on the 26th of September in Anneau du Rhin, France. Can’t wait for that, but the cars will need some work first. Finally, the Finals of the Drift United Championship 2013 will take place toward end of October. If all goes well, then the mysterious ZÜRIDRIFT driver C.M. might be able to take the overall championship win and travel to Las Vegas. Oh my!

Judgement day at Übermehler

Drift United: Where Yo Roots At – Obermehler 2012 from ZÜRIDRIFT on Vimeo.

Everything is packed and ready to go to Drift United Round 2 in Obermehler. Great memories come up when thinking about last time when we attended this event.

Check this old video from 2012 to see what I’m on about. We had invaded the territory using only missile drift cars back then. This time however, ZÜRIDRIFT will be attacking with a total of 3 angry race cars and hopefully smoke the place up properly.

If you are looking for pics and videos from Drift United round 1 in Oschersleben, check the ZÜRIDRIFT Facebook site!

Introducing the ZÜRIDRIFT webshop

Check out the ZÜRIDRIFT Webshop powered by the awesome guys from Chip-Racing. All the money from your purchases goes directly into our drifting endeavours, so you will directly support us in doing what we do best: Hooning around brainlessly at drifting events using sick racecars.

Make sure to also check out their other products and services – They can offer the full package when it comes to tuning your street or racecar including dyno and mapping! Of course they will also fix up your car if repairs are needed and even offer full season packages to support you with your racing season. Also they’re just cool guys who love what they do!